Meet our wonderful kitties!

Elinor's Kitty, Sylvie

This is Elinor's kitty, Sylvie (aka "Sylvie Pronk Widget", aka "Sylvie Underfoot", aka "Kitten Insane"). She is a tiny little Burmese kitty, born 2004-10-19, so she is 15 years, 1 month, and 19 days old today. She grew up with her three brothers and her mom & aunt at a home in Riverside, and came to live with Elinor & Carl when she was 8½ weeks old.

Carl's Kitty, Mirabelle

This is Carl's kitty, Mirabelle (aka "Fuzzy the WonderCat"). She is a Domestic Short Hair, white & tabby kitty, born 2004-09-04, so she is 15 years, 3 months, and 3 days old today. She grew up at Lucky Kitty Rescue, in La Mesa, with her brother and 3 other kittens, and came to live with Carl & Elinor when she was 15 weeks old.

These wonderful kittens live with us in whichever cottage we happen to be in. They are friends, partners in crime -- they love careening around the house -- and investigators of corners of the house we had foolishly assumed were inaccessible. And they're so cute when they're curled up together. Mirabelle's in charge of watching the neighborhood and teaching her little sister (she's 6½ weeks older) to be a proper cat, and Sylvie's in charge of chaos, finding sunny spots, and licking noses.

Pictures! (from 2004):
 12-04: Meeting Sylvie for the first time
12-08: Meeting Mirabelle
12-12: Visiting Mirabelle & friends
12-17: Bringing Mirabelle home
12-18: Valerie & Rob come to visit Mirabelle
12-18: Sylvie comes home
12-19: Flying Kitty Movie! (warning: 16.5 MB)
12-21: Kitties' first days together [Updated again! - see last pics]
12-26: Kitten Redux - a few more pics from 2004
12-28: A "Best Of" album, done with iPhoto & BetterHTMLExport
More pictures! (from 2005):
01-10: Some new pictures (finally) in new format
01-21: Sylvie's Fan Club - some of those who have had an audience
01-31: Kittens January 2005 - a sampling of life with the kittens
02-24: Sylvie v. Squirrel Finger Puppet - a terrifying tale of ferociousness
06-08: Recent Kitties (unsorted, February-May 2005)
12-09: Get Yer Fresh Kitty Pictures Here! (June-December 2005)

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