Best of Kitties

This is a sampler-pack of some of our favorite pictures, and sort of a test of this web template.

First pic of Mirabelle
Perching on the couch
Looking little
Rasslin' with Ripley
Atop the kitty tree
Inside the kitty tree
One paw over the top
Napping after play
Playing on Elinor's lap
Napping with Pippen
Just before coming home
Mirabelle's first haunt
Meerkat Mirabelle
Not on the bookshelf
Elinor meets Sylvie again
Sarah meets Sylvie
Cradling Sylvie
Ready to play
Chasing the toy
Sarah helping
Tiny monkeycat
Elinor gets a turn
Sparkle ball!
Home at last
Ferocious Sylvie
Sylvie String-Biter
Mommy blanket
Carl's shoulder
Sarah's hands
Discovering the window

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