Kitty Update Dec05
Stick your tongue out at the camera...
Stick your tongue out at the camera, too, Sylvie
"Anything good out there MIrabelle?"
Aaaahhh! Vampire?
Rock-a-bye Kitten
Mirabelle contemplates the ceiling...
Wait a minute...
Sylvie perches
Mirabelle gets guard-duty help
Mirabelle vigilant
Mirabelle perches
Sylvie in the sun
Mirabelle the bathtub demon
Window cats
Score! Open wardrobe!
Contemplating the next move...
Sylvie's new jammies
Sylvie's jammies #2
Floor exercises
Portrait of a Bad Kitty
Sharing the Carpeted Monstrosity
Still sharing...
The sharing continues...
Portrait of Dignity
More sharing
It's a game
Put your toys away
Curled up to fit

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