Kittens January 2005

A sampling of life at home with the kittens, during the first month of the year.

Fascination (1)
Fascination (2)
Scary Kitty
Lap kitties
Sleeping soundly on the blue chair
Sparkle ball
More naps
Playing with curtains
Window (1)
Window (2)
Sylvie gets tall (1)
Sylvie gets tall (2)
Mirabelle climbs
Hedgehog Sylvie (1)
Hedgehog Sylvie (2)
Sylvie the Bathtub Demon
Mirabelle hides
Circle of cat
Another circle
Sleeping MIrabelle
Literary Sylvie (1)
Literary Sylvie (2)
Napping on the couch
Waking up
Mirabelle's favorite prey (1)
Mirabelle's favorite prey (2)
Mirabelle's favorite prey (3)
Playtime never ends

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